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Compost Bins

Discussion in 'Composting' started by posi, Mar 1, 2016.

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    Finally starting to reap the benefits of a compost bin. First batch of compost took about 6 months in this particular style of bin. I must say its nice having somewhere to recycle all the compostable excesses of the household. Only so much can fit in a worm bin so the rest goes in the full size bin.

    This is a Home Depot Keter brand composter. Overall happy with its quick assembly and staying together under the load of the compost. The weak component was the plastic lid hinge which broke upon assembly. Still happy as it was the best priced bin at $50


    Inside goes grass clippings and dropped leaves from the trees mostly. Scraps from the kitchen get mixed, lots of bananas, fruits and vegetables from the garden, a very diverse mix of compost. Its not made with a particular recipe in mind. Its just to recycle and compost all the things that would normally go in the trash.


    And now to see if it works as a good garden amendment. So far a compost tea made with it gave a very nice boost to a few vegging plants. They gave it a very green thumbs up :thumbsup:


    and of course mixing it in a new batch of soil

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