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Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis' started by salmone, Feb 12, 2016.

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    Yes salmone...friend not a cannabis consumer at all. Dose is small and in capsule form. Only taken when not traveling and such. The effects are not to his liking. still they chose to include thc for now.
    Thanks for the cbd links.. Will take a look..
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    ..for my pov its lucky man... he can try lot of sites on usa and search good medicines on capsules... and other forms... actually on the dispensaries i saw a lot of new presentation... usa .... here its a lot of diferent story... again lucky man.... can try lot of medicines... without thc... or with thc...
    ...what plant he prefer? ... sativa or indica.... he prefer consume on night or day?... some varietes are good on nights others varietes are better for days... you can asesiorate on this things...
    ...and pardion me bro... but... when we fight against cancer... normally the dosis are high.... off course with supervision of other person....
    ...and off course depends too the powerfull varietes... if comes from high thc... your maintence dosis is not the same to an fight dosis...
    ...we can use normal dosis on day and fight dosis on nights... but you must observer your friend opinion too... if he dont like the up on cannabis...
    ...maybe the cannabis is not her solution.... on cannabis medicine... cbd its ok... buts needs thc too... thc its too powerfull against cancer too...
    ...wen we not use thc on cannabis medicine... its similar to fight with only a arm .... better fight with both arms...
    ...i use all i can.... the fear for the up of cannabis its only other fear... we can fight with the fear... and starting with a small dosis and go up slowly entrenamiento... al principio no es lo mismo que cuando llevas un tiempo usando cannbis... el cuepo se acostumbra... y los miedos desaparecen ... si el viaje no es malo... pero subiendo de a poco las dosis y sabiendo la potencia de cannabis que usa... puedes aconsejarle mejor... una variedad que lo anime ... otra que lo relaje... .... una que le deje hacer cosas por la mañana y lo relaje... o anime .... tu veras y tu amigo tambien opina... escuchale... y propon variedades
    ...dosis bajas son para mantenimiento y uso prolongado en el tiempo.... pero es solo mi opinion... en usa tienes medicos a los que puedes hablarles y seguir un tratamiento con cannabis medicinal y seguir con una supervision medica ...que junto a la ayuda de un amigo que sepa de cannabis... le vendra de perlas...

    ...and believe me... i prefer under sublingual oils drops on cannabis medicine ...better dosification... high concentrations on cannabinoids terpenes etc...
    ...but again need to start on adaptation on the up of cannabis... we cant go on high dosis ... without adaptation time...
    ...the last thing we want its a bad up on cannabis... or a sobredosis... your friend must have an adaptation time to the up of cannabis...

    ..onfirst times there a lot of fears... with supervision and rights dosificationds... this starting fears dissapears... he can relax and enjoy of up of cannabis...
    ...sometimes on happy dreams nighta... some times on the day to discouver other way to deal with the up... all needs adaptation time ... best wishes for all ...good lucks bros... i put a lot of good info... ustedes podran leerla cuando y como quieran...


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    Thanks Sal. I just recently learned of all this and have not asked for much info. They do their research for their father... he would rather not get high at all so little to no high effect would be ideal. But, his son believes in using both they slowly try to increase without causing a uncomfortable high. Not everyone wants that..of course...Will look into sublingual way, with lower thc. Time for me to have a CBD strain around ..feel bad not having something, a ideal strain, ready to offer. But, still learning and one day I may be able to help someone if not myself. Eventually we will have a dispensary system which should provide these things.
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    .....i edited add more info...on cbd .... maybe i make a reunion of info about... dosifications... and forms of use... i agree with a lot of pov posted on the cbd pages i show.... i do it with time... if friend or you need this more rapid ... please let me know... you know mi inet much time...

    ...on sublingual go directly to brain... the thc must be decarbolized previosly... we can use not decarbolized too... if you want less up... ...there are info on the cbd sites i posted...
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    Cannabis Oil Extracts
    Cannabis oil extracts can be taken orally, sublingually or applied topically.
    Concentrated cannabis oil extracts can also be utilized as an ingredient to vaporize or cook with.
    Some cannabis oils come with an applicator for measured dosing.
    These oil extracts—CBD-rich and THC-dominant—are very potent.
    The time of onset and duration of effect vary depending on the method of administration.

    Sublingual Sprays
    Sublingual sprays are made from cannabis extracts that may be mixed with another substance like coconut oil.
    The cannabis concentrate is sprayed under the tongue and quickly absorbed through the oral mucosa.
    First effects are generally felt within 5 to 15 minutes.
    Sublingual sprays are a good option for consistent, discreet, and timely cannabis dosing.
    There is no preparation involved and no lingering smell from smoking.

    Cannabis Dosing
    Personalized Medicine

    Cannabis therapeutics is personalized medicine.
    The right treatment regimen depends on the person and condition being treated.
    For maximum therapeutic benefit, choose cannabis products that include both cannabidiol (CBD), a non-intoxicating compound, and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive component of cannabis.
    CBD and THC interact to enhance each other’s therapeutic effects.
    They work best together.
    A patient’s sensitivity to THC is a key factor to determining the ratio and dosage of CBD-rich medicine.
    Many people enjoy the cannabis high and can consume reasonable doses of any cannabis product without feeling too high or dysphoric.
    Others find THC unpleasant.
    CBD can lessen or neutralize the intoxicating effects of THC.
    So a greater ratio of CBD-to-THC means less of a “high.”

    Finding your ratio is the first step to effective treatment.

    Find Your Ratio!
    Although banned by federal law, dosed cannabis medicine is currently available in the form of concentrated oil extracts, infused sublingual sprays, capsules, edibles, and other products.
    Potent cannabis oil extracts have varying ratios of CBD and THC that are calibrated to suit the needs and sensitivities of each patient.

    For anxiety, depression, spasms, and pediatric seizure disorders, many patients initially find they do best with a moderate dose of a CBD-dominant remedy (a CBD:THC ratio of more than 10:1).
    But a low THC remedy, while not intoxicating, is not necessarily the best therapeutic option.
    A combination of CBD and THC will likely have a greater therapeutic effect for a wider range of conditions than CBD or THC alone.
    For cancer, neurological disease, and many other ailments, patients may benefit from a balanced ratio of CBD and THC.
    Extensive clinical research has shown that a 1:1 CBD:THC ratio is effective for neuropathic pain.
    Optimizing one’s therapeutic use of cannabis may entail a careful, step-by-step process, whereby a patient starts with small doses of a non-intoxicating CBD-rich remedy, observes the results, and gradually increases the amount of THC.

    In essence, the goal is to self-administer consistent, measurable doses of a CBD-rich remedy that includes as much THC as a person is comfortable with.

    The Biphasic Effect
    Cannabis compounds have biphasic properties, which means that low and high doses of the same substance can produce opposite effects.
    Small doses of cannabis tend to stimulate; large doses sedate.
    Too much THC, while not lethal, can amplify anxiety and mood disorders. CBD has no known adverse side effects at any dose, but drug interactions can be problematic.
    An excessive amount of CBD could be less effective therapeutically than a moderate dose.
    “Less is more” is often the case with respect to cannabis therapy.

    “Dosage is everything”—Paracelsus

    Dosage Guidelines

    • Decide how you want to take cannabis. Cannabis oil is available in sprays, capsules, edibles and other products.
    • Find your ratio. Cannabis products have varying amounts of CBD and THC. A high CBD or high THC product is not necessarily superior to a strain with a balanced ratio. Find the proper combination to optimize your therapeutic use of cannabis.
    • Begin with a low dose especially if you have little or no experience with cannabis.
    • Take a few small doses over the course of the day rather than one big dose.
    • Use the same dose and ratio for several days. Observe the effects and if necessary adjust the ratio or amount.
    • Don’t overdo it. “Less is more” is often the case with cannabis therapeutics.
    • Be aware of possible side effects. Cannabis is a safe and forgiving medicine. Depending upon delivery method and individual tolerance, it can amplify anxiety and mood disorders. Other possible side effects are dry mouth, dizziness and faintness.
    • Consult your health counselor. Proceed cautiously, especially if you have a history of alcohol or drug abuse, mental illness, or are pregnant or breastfeeding.

    ...opppppssss... and is important consider the effect with other medicaments used by the patient... some mixes are not good with cannabis medicine... consult with a doctor posibles issues with other actual medicines used by the patient.... too important...lot of times you have to elecct certain actual medicines if you can use cannabis medicine on full power... its a big decisition elect pharmacie medicine against cannabis medicine for a lot of new users... normally old people with bad feelings about drugs ...cannabis included... ... they need more time to adapt... and understand the use of cannabis medicinal...need more patience...and maybe read or learn....or saw vids...good luck and my best wishes... stay on safe way...


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    ....en español... hay articulos de como se crearon las variedades ricas en cbd... y otros tambien interesantes...

    ...hablan de variedades con cbd tambien...

    ...y un enlace a una lista de reproduccion de videos de youtube..

    ...a ver si tengo tiempo y me puedo descargar esos 6 o 7 videos hablando del cbd tema cbd....

    PD...ya los vi...algunos ya los teniamos vistos en este hilo... pero me gusto la lista de reproduccion....
    ...ahhh si tuviera mas tiempo de internet ...lo flipabais...
    ...jajaja...yeah wilson ...maybe too saturating for others... too much more info... and a lot of more vids... im saturing the people here a bit with my posts ... imagine with more inet time...
    ...anyway its a labor of love... sharing my pov about my prefered plant.... take it with calm... dont run... if need reread the terpens or cannabinoids understand better how use it or recolected...

    ...on lot of sites recomends...decarboxil the preparations... or the weed... but on medicinal way... the acids forms CBDA THCA and others acid form ... have lot of propieties... disapear on decaboxilations... ...the raw way its ok for acids forms... green parts of plants ...or nugs recolected on green ...whites trichomes.. rapid recollectiion... wall idiom again... i hope you catch the idea...

    ...medicinal way its diferent way than recreative way on cannabis way ... i hope you catch my ideas or way on cannabis medicinal... if not ask what you like... ill try to do my best as always...


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    ....well ...less time ultimatelly to read or watch things on inet ... old song reedited to me.... i cant participate in the same way as in the past...
    ...lot of problems in my day by day.... and the spain situation dont help me nothing... but hey the info posted on cannabis medicinal ...its my best present for all my bros here ...and there...

    ..and so sorry for my bad english write... dear bros... my best wishes for all ...maybe i can post something more but its too difficult to me actually
    ...bad bad times to me...
    ...well today i saw this vid... i hope you like too... iif the vid its can erase it...

    ...vegetable glicerine... good for non alcoholic way.... from my pov ...not the best extractor... but lot of more safe than other quimic used in e-cigars...just my pov...


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    I was reading some articles about this magic truffles and shrooms before engaging my self for the first time. Like this one from .They say that it has a very potent effect on the brain and hallucination. Unlike marijuana does it have any medical use? In one article that I've read magic truffles or shrooms compaired to synthetic drugs are very alarming. Also magic mushroom are use on reducing the symptoms of depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety. It can also help people to quit smoking and alcohol addiction. Some studies also suggest the property of magic shrooms/truffles can be useful for cancer patients. I would really want to hear other insights regarding this new possible alternative meds. Thanks