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Planted Tank 1.0

Discussion in 'Aquarium Grow' started by posi, Jan 6, 2016.

  1. posi

    posi Moderator

    shoot...this was originally a reef light build

    heatsink on the way and I'm second guessing a reef light setup. Turns out there are a lot of ethical concerns with reef aquariums. There have been problems with overfishing the popular species, leading to drastically reduced populations of some varieties. Also, the harvesting of coral is another concern. The reefs integrity should be preserved to the fullest the more I think about it.

    My area has extra strict laws regarding these things, and, for good reason. So while I do think my small aquarium is peanuts compared to harvesting and exporting these things, I can't really condone it either. The population is growing everywhere and I don't need to be setting examples of populating reef tanks in a sensitive area. A fish only salt tank of approved species would be a good alternative to a reef. That would not require a light capable of strong growth though, my current led strip can handle that.

    So, I could turn it into a grow light of other sorts...:).

    But, instead, I'll be looking into planted tanks. My aquarium is set up as a display tank in a main area of the home and I think a planted tank could make a nice little zen area. So, freshwater, landscaped, and heavily planted with some sort of small and shiny fish. No more aggressive cichlids that kill each other off.

    One note, I'm not against salt water reef tanks now. I personally think they are the most beautiful type of aquarium to have. I just can't legally purchase farm raised frags of coral in my area nor harvest live rock. I also need to put the local environment ahead of my personal wants in this case.

    Planted tanks are pretty cool. It should be easier maintenance, eco friendly, less win.

    Think a few cobs can do this? I don't see why not...



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  2. posi

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    Parts ordered...hopefully start building this soon. A few items are on backorder until early february, hopefully they make it on schedule. Seems what I'm thinking is already popular...the aquarium guys must be buying all these specialty parts up.

    Must say the aquarium guys are more cutting edge than most of the mj growers. DIY at its finest. Amazing what you can accomplish when you are passionate about your hobby.
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    Well lets see if these COBs can grow some lettuce

    Damn..lettuce everywhere. Hydro lettuce...doobie1


    Planted tank 1.0

    This is actually a pretty cool hobby. Like Mr. Miyagi trimming his bonsai tops. If you've never tried tying Java moss to a stick underwater with one hand you're really missing out. :devil-flip:
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