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Discussion in 'Indoor Grow' started by posi, Dec 22, 2015.

  1. posi

    posi Moderator

    5 on lumi. 10 on lumi if its timber

    15 on horti blue in veg :p
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    PSUAGRO. New Member

    nah no timber posi, grower showed me a pic(wont tell me the builder) and i'm guessing either bcblondes 650w or johnson's cob16.............they look really similar

    I'm telling you the same thing I told GG , public forum, be prepared for that shit to get copied............EH says that he started a led company before anyone else, everyone that starts one after him is copying too. lol it's all about the pin heatsinks now,drama!...........who cares in the end, no need to fight imo

    I think i'm finally gonna get the four 3500k cxb cd bin tested in a sphere(mw driver,cooliance sinks), what's your guess?..........I say 1.9ppf/w, gonna be a shocker imo
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  3. posi

    posi Moderator

    Since every tom, dick and donkey can make a white LED COB light, the future which I'm sure isn't far, will be about spectrum. The LEDs are efficient enough, but in all honesty the spectrum isn't good enough.

    Not dissing on people who are honestly wanting to get growing, and white COBs are a great way too start. But talking about products people buy, companies selling products, a low CRI light won't compete with a high CRI light for overall grow light quality. Only CRI in the sense that it provides a even distribution of light and less missing portions in the visible areas. Thats not even getting into the non visible UV and IR areas of the spectrum.

    Even these PAR numbers aren't holding up like you'd expect them too. PAR isn't taking into consideration parts of the spectrum other than visible light or even spectrum quality. Thats the illusion I see being created by some. PAR is only one tool of a few and isn't giving a complete story of whats going on.

    So some people are going to say they can't notice a difference in the end product. Try a hortilux blue, which I'm finally playing with now, and grow it next to a 80 cri 3500k COB, since thats what seems to be recommended most. The difference in plant quality such as thicker leaves and stems, smooth nutrient and water uptake, zero adjustment period to high intensity, is easily noticeable to me.

    For example, I have given COBs the benefit of the doubt when I saw adjustment periods popping up when exposed to strong COB lighting. I blamed the heat, running at 90 degrees at some times, even knowing I've done it before successfully. Well I'm at 600w in a 4 x 2 with the hortilux blue, 70+ watts a sq/ft, 95f canopy, mid day vegging (5f over ambient), and the plants aren't showing any problems. The COB plants would be completely stalled out.

    When I call companies on their sh@t its because of these obvious differences in light performance. To be honest when recommending a product I have to recommend something with at the very least a high CRI. And really, CMH is the best option right now as far as I can tell without having used one just yet. Its high CRI as well as into the uv and ir range. Make that with a LED and recalculate the efficiency with those diodes needed for a more honest tech vs tech talk.

    And to further this one last time...

    If I'm going to be consuming these things grown indoors, eating and inhaling them, then I choose the lighting thats the closest to natural daylight. I trust nature and it rarely leads me in the wrong direction. Pseudo scientists have claimed red and blue, particular "sterile" whites, spiky chloro a/b spectrums, etc perform best. That hasn't worked well for them and I think they have lost a lot of credibility. The burden is on them to prove they can do better than a natural spectrum not the other way around. It's going to take more than a GPW/THC result to prove a products worth. Test everything, everything you got a machine for, and then maybe I'll begin to believe you.

    Starting a commercial grow I think you would be selling your customers short not using CMH or similar when it's available. Put up some solar panels to offset the electric and provide your customers the best produce that you can.

    Of course this is way past what most people give a sh@t about. But if your going to take the lead in a discussion be prepared for an argument.
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  4. posi

    posi Moderator

    As far as the copying..

    thing help people you can't separate the good from the bad. You have to help everyone and accept that some will take advantage of that. The alternative is to help no one and let the bad be the only voice.

    So happy I didn't get involved with the LED store stuff. A white COB on a heatsink is too close to a home depot lightbulb for me...:whistling:
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    PSUAGRO. New Member

    Ha ha.......i wouldn't expect anything less from you friend. We've known each other on the forums for a long time, I would never want too offend you by doing these 2 timber runs. He let me use the osram panel and then Jimmy indica bounced with five of those expensive fixtures. I felt bad and agreed to do it. Told him to change it up and use 4000k/660nm/ 730nm trigger and dump the lenses + stop imitating others on the board and go your own direction. That's it pos, I gain nothing financially ever from the crappy closet grows.

    I did ask if he starts selling them to stick a designed by psuagro with a crossed out cheetah STICKER ON THEM for our old troll. lol

    I agree ,Fixed spectrum will be the downfall for cobs in horticulture, Helios hitting over 32% the at the grove facility shocked allot of people there........ guod has been preaching this shit for years....... no surprise

    Edit...... fuck my phone, whatever
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  6. posi

    posi Moderator

    Well a blind man could see why I don't care for them. They didn't just steal ideas they stole my identity. Fuckin' creepy....faking personalities and acting like someone else , talking about them day after day. In all fairness it's not just them
    Do what you gotta do but I wouldn't want to be associated with them.

    If anybody can rock spectrums I'm sure its Guod. I had a feeling Helio knows what they are doing. Thats why they are on the recommended list..
    I do need to update that list but never enough time

    nice to seeya psua even though you used the shittiest light out of many other good choices . Even if the light was any good the reputation precedes them :poop:
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  7. salmone

    salmone Active Member

    ...welcome on board bro Psua... sorry by my delay... ultimately i dont have easy access to internet... bad times to me...
    ...but happy to see you here... maybe Guod or SDS or Supra comes one day to visit us.... semper fidelis to my DIY roots and masters... much love for them...

    ...for those about the rock ...i salute you...:headbang:

    ...ultimately for more economic reasons...


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    PSUAGRO. New Member

    Unfortunately it is a dog eat dog world salmone.............posi knows it too, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    I can show you another five companies that have copied the RIU greats, nothing new and will continue

    I do miss supra, sds, chroni, jubiare, mr flux, rasser, spuzzum........the forum isn't what it used to be, everyone fighting and worrying about their vested interests now.

    BTW my 330w Philips all-start cmh beat the 400w horti blue in a side by side on Icrag back in the day........the newer 315w agro is the best SE hid bulb on the market in its class.

    sorry for the off topic posi, back to the grow
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  9. salmone

    salmone Active Member

    ....yeah bro... ....fucking crisis time... time too... 330 cmh.... i take you advice... here i stay on pause mode...because my poliitics.... whith the actual laws here...imposed by PP politics... its a big decisition.... ...if change the goverment in spain ...much better for autocultivo... maybe next year... i would like to plant in outdoor with sun... no money for electricity on hps cmh or leds....

    ...maybe im waiting an "miracle" in spain.... but no other way posible.... actually...

    ...sorry posi add me to the list of offtopic writers too... ...but you can erase my offtopic posts if you like.... no problem at all... best wishes for all us... from my heart and soul... take care bros... safety first...


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