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Sunshine #4 germination test

Discussion in 'Experiments and Comparisons' started by posi, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. posi

    posi Moderator

    Just a small test I did to see how well sunshine #4 germinates compared to a few variations of it. Rather than germinate expensive and limited seeds, gotten through seed banks, I'm using seeds I've made myself over the years, This is a Blue Dream x Peyote Purple cross that I've never grown before. Have a bunch of these so they are somewhat disposable for tests. I may keep any particularly nice plants to see what the new strain can do.

    So there are 4 mixes with 3 seeds in each cup.

    mix #1 - all Sunshine #4
    mix #2 - 60% Sunshine #4 and 40% Black Gold Compost
    mix #3 - For variety I threw in a moderately hot mix made from scratch. Long "cooking" of 6+ months. About 1000 ppm measured with 1 part r/o water and 1 part soil
    mix #4 - And to test the viability of my 5 run + recycled mix I threw it in. Mostly spent recycled soil

    mix #1 I thought would come out on top being a nicely balanced commercial product.
    mix #2 I thought would do well but maybe a little slower.
    mix #3 I thought would scorch anything put in it
    mix #4 I also figured wouldn't germinate well as it it is quite old and probably better off in the outdoor garden

    And the results. Surprising to me the new homemade mix had the fastest germination with a very green and healthy start. Followed by the only other germination so far, mix #2 the sunshine and compost mix.

    So what do I take from this?

    Sunshine worked lackluster for me with organic nutrients which spawned this test. Adding compost to it has been giving me much better results. I'll take this as confirmation to at least add compost to bagged soiless mixes like sunshine. And probably even better with a initial amendment of organic nutrients along with the compost.

    IMG_1171.jpg IMG_1172.JPG

    Will do this a few more times to see if its repeatable and what will give the fastest germination. Fun experiment, 3 day germ on the fastest sprout

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  2. posi

    posi Moderator

    small update on the germ test.

    Initial impressions were pretty good for me. The old recycled soil took the longest to germ but ended up with the fattest root growth and stalks. They had to work hard to push out of the crusty soil. The soiless straight sunshine looks nice but they are the lightest shade of green and a bit skinnier. Maybe its just a safe low nutrient charge for most things , not necessarily the best start for mj. The compost mix and new mix are probably the nicest overall. No ph adjustments, 4 different mixes, and just r/o water, 12 for 12.

    So this is blue dream clone x peyote purple. Not the best peyote pheno and she had tiny initial cotyledons. So looking at the results of the cross you can see almost a perfect division of phenos. 1 tall blue dream leaning to 2 of the smaller type peyote leaning. Pulled the peyote looking types as I don't want the smaller structure and I can't grow everything out due to plant numbers. May sex them out and flower the nicest one to see what the cross is like


    IMG_1189.JPG IMG_1188.JPG IMG_1187.JPG
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  3. posi

    posi Moderator

    Did a similar germ test with straight peat and homemade compost recently.

    From the left. Peat and cinder, peat/compost and cinder, compost and cinder.

    This was mostly to see two things. How hot my amended peat was, and if it would burn plants, and is my homemade compost plant friendly. The compost is mostly grass clippings and fallen leaves. There is a bit of other fruits, veggies, coffee grounds, and oyster shell, but mostly yard waste.

    Looks like all three germed at the same pace and success rate. I'll probably let them grow a bit and see how differently they develop with just water. If the compost girl does well I may have to just let her finish up like that. Homemade compost start to finish, nothing else. Never did that before...

    This is groundbreaking stuff here people. Stay tuned.